We celebrated today by going to the season’s first farmer’s market, planting some tomatoes and kicking off our eating local challenge with gusto. The basic gist of our local eating challenge is this: anything at the farmer’s market & bulk bins (I’m counting the dried fruit in the tubs as bulk, if that’s cheating then, uh, so be it!) at the grocery cooperative we’re members at is fair game. There’s a few other exceptions, like xanthan gum (or guar), oils, yeast, etc. But really? Not much is on that exception list.

In February, while freezing my bum off in our old apartment, I was dreaming  of fresh veg. So I went online to and signed up for our first CSA share at a local farm, Colvin Family Farms. Today we picked up our first share! I’m sad that I didn’t get the camera pulled out while we were at the market, all this initial trip showed me was that – on top of this year looking to be a *great* growing year – I need a wagon for my market days. Because carrying all that veg? And wrangling two kids? And trying to navigate around a million other people and dogs? Yeah. Its a pain in the ass when you’re laden down with heavy bags of stuff you *really* don’t want to get squished and a baby on your back. Not even going to mention that things start getting a wee bit heavy in the meantime! I’m going to try and hold out though, see if I can scrounge one up through garage saleing or thrifting before capitulating and just getting one from the store. Anyway, so. What did my haul from the farmer’s market look like?


I only bought two non-local things today: a small tub of plain yogurt to make my own and a block of sharp cheddar cheese. Honestly? Not half damn bad!

And this evening, we sat down to this:

Um, hello. Pork chops that were raised about 25 miles from our house. Turnip greens that were raised about 45 miles from our house. Green (actually, a purple variety) onions raised about 20 miles from our house. Organic rice from the bulk bins at the Cooperative.

If this is eating local? Heck yes.


2 thoughts on “Beltane!

  1. Way to go! That is really quite and accomplishment. Even for just ONE meal. I can’t wait to see how it goes for 6 months. I may have to gear up for this. Maybe next spring/summer?

    • Well, look at it this way: market season is just starting. If you go to one and find enough to make even just a side dish for supper that night, you’re making a change!

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