Market Week 2

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Here’s the haul:
2 large heads of lettuce, spinach, 3 bundles of onions, radish, 3 bundles of asparagus, 1lb broccoli, 2 gal. local milk

2 baggies of sprouts, another bundle of radish, 2 bundles of garlic greens, more lettuce, kale, turnip greens & a “steaming” greens mix, apple butter, 2lb of beef stew meat

Chicken, eggs, cheese. From the bulk bins at the Co-op, red quinoa, dark chocolate chips, raisins & currants.

And a gallon of strawberries!

This week all we bought that wasn’t local or in the bulk bins were the two boxes of butter. I asked the lovely lady at the Cruze Dairy stand whether they would be selling cream, and was told that its a possibility later. So I hope that, later in the year, I’ll be able to get a whole bunch of cream and make my own butter, freezing at least a good amount of it for later in the year.

I do have a dilemma, though. Yesterday Truman and I were reading through the last portion of You Can Farm by Joel Salatin and got to talking about the processing of broiler chickens. It sounds very expedient to have such a facility on your own land – cheaper, too. The chicken in the above photos comes from a local farm…but its processed 213 miles away from us. Which means that, as a round trip, that chicken takes a 426 mile jaunt in order to get to me. (Plus the distance from the farm to the market.) That doesn’t feel very local to me.

So I broach the question: If this chicken was raised locally, but processed farther away from you, does that still count as local? Or does the very nature of it being raised locally but processed outside of my ‘local’ sphere neutralize any benefits gained from trying to eat as local as possible?


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