Farmer’s Market, week 5

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Beets, tons of beets. 4lbs of peas, leeks, onions, lettuce, collards, bread (not wheat-free).


POTATOES. Onions! Local milk.


Pak Choi, tatsoi, lettuce, kale.

I’m making mayonnaise today so finish turning those potatoes into a potato salad that will be our side-dish for the week. Tonight, I think I’m seeing stir-fry..we still have some lentil sprouts that need to get used. Chicken stock to be made. Another attempt at yogurt. (I made a huge batch on Saturday and it emphatically didn’t work.) Chicken and rice soup. Something to do with that last head of cabbage in my fridge. Beet soup.


One thought on “Farmer’s Market, week 5

  1. I am have an easy yogurt recipe, but it just takes time sometimes … I have been experimenting for over a year now!

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