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It occurred to me this morning that I haven’t been in this space for awhile. I just peeked and yeah, I’d say “awhile” about describes it – a month and a half! Things have been busy and I’ve been, well, mostly just enjoying life.

In May, I met a new local friend, Amy from Six Flower Mom. We haven’t been able to get together anytime very recently, she and her family have been busy making a gigantic move about an hour outside of town. Initially we were planning on joining them on the land out there once our lease to the apartment was up, but we’ve since had to (sadly) reconsider that for now. I hope that we’re able to spend time out there with them, regardless, though!

We’ve been farmer’s marketing every Saturday (except for the 4th of July weekend – we went to my mom’s in Atlanta and missed the market for that week). This is what mid-June looked like though…it was all very yummy!

We found this little guy living in the tube of one of our Earth Boxes on the patio…

One morning in late June, we were rushing out the door to the van so we could get to the local Attachment Parenting meeting (we didn’t make it in time, so instead hung out in the library for awhile). What made us late? Well, upon getting to the van, I saw notes taped to both of the front windows and the windshield, saying that they’d heard a kitten meowing from inside our engine compartment. I was immediately aghast, put the kids into the van and popped the hood. And it was like magic, we suddenly acquired a new kitty! She’s adorable. Our first cat, Kali, has been having some adjustment issues, but that is only to be expected. We’ve made great strides with them, to the point that they can be in the same room while supervised and they’re at least mostly okay…so long as the little kitten doesn’t get all feisty and start behaving like a twit and getting up in Kali’s face. (This little girl. She is SO full of attitude!)

And then last weekend, we discovered an amazing park that is only 4 miles away from us. It has what appears to be a natural creek that runs through it, which has been turned into a small-child friendly playing area with shallow areas perfect for the smallest of toddling babies and slightly deeper areas perfect for the rambunctious almost-4 year olds.

Lilly wearing her daddy’s hat..

Logan, playing in the stream…

I’m not sure how steadily I’ll be blogging these days, either. I’m back in school and while I’m only taking one class at a time…I think that life has been challenging as-is, without adding in the fun of a million other hobbies. And I very dearly want to do well in classes, which means that between all of my important tasks like the kids and cooking and other obligations, I’m already feeling a bit thinly spread. I’m going to try and share at least photographs now and then. If nothing else, It will get me to using my camera more than I (sadly) have been. I think this weekend we may be going to look at RV’s and travel trailers for some plans we’re incubating on, so I’ll try and share more about that, too. And next weekend I may push for a camping trip. We need at least one good camping trip this summer – its been so long since I’ve camped!

I hope that everyone is having a lovely summer!


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