Summer days..

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They are certainly drawing to a close. We don’t mark our days by the beginning of the school year, but rather by how it feels. One morning, middle of last week or so, I woke up and walked out to the balcony and took a deep breath. And thought, “Autumn is almost here.” And it is certainly close, seeing as Mabon is a mere three weeks away. But what made me think this was this…different feel, or smell even, to the air that morning and every morning since. Call it what you will, I’m just sayin’ that its in my bones: I feel it coming.

We’ve been spending a lot of time at a local park this summer. So much so, that it feels almost like nearly all of my photos are indistinguishable from another. It is, easily, our favorite park with its nice little stream running through it, the smoothly rounded gravel rocks lining the bed of it, larger rocks lining the border making the best jumping off points into the water, boat ramps and sea-side castles.


These feet of my son. My son who is just more than half my height, at not-quite-4 years old. (Goodness. I’m short and he’s a giant – what a mix.) His feet are easily 3/4 the size of my own, as well. It’s been quite the challenge to find shoes that fit in alignment with our personal desires and managing to fit my child’s foot, which is the same size as a six year olds foot. (Those desires: As barefoot as possible, but still providing some coverage. Mostly looking for winter shoes.)

I’m hoping to get back into blogging soon. I’m down to a once a week reading of my google reader blog feeds, which is amazing. Today I’ve been reading through nearly everything in the Autumn edition of Rhythm of the Home and enjoying it a lot. But I’ve been missing the blogging for myself, though – missing the writing, the sharing, the taking notes of memories and photos. I had a lot of blogging related intentions for this summer. A lot of intentions that have gone to the way-side as life was simply lived.


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