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Oh, my sweet (little)big boy. How he is growing up so quickly! Today he turned 4. We had a special breakfast of doughnuts, and he loved the pants that I made for him (a photo of which will have to come soon, they’re already dirty!) and the toy (some little wooden Plan figures) we got for him a few weeks ago. I generally don’t allow much in the way of plastic to come through our door, but I couldn’t resist when I saw the penguin “exhibit” from Playmobil. Especially since this boy of mine is currently in love with anything Antarctica related.


I can’t believe that we’re up to four years of being on this lifejourney together. Four years since this little boy made me a mama. I have enjoyed walking forest trails with him, watching as he gleefully plays in streams, watching as he gently held his baby sister after she was how they play together now.

He entered my life through circumstances that would propel me so far into a vastly different life, so different that I hardly recognize who I was before I had him. At 1:42pm on this day, four years ago, he was brought into this world by cesarean. This would end up being a marker for the death of an old life, and the birth of a new. With that cesarean, I became mama. I became passionate about birth. I became a woman who would put the safety and care of her children above nearly all. I became myself. All because of this tiny, little baby.

Logan sleeping on Heather 2

I love you, my little one, and I can’t wait to see where the rest of our lives together take us, what adventures we’ll go on next. For now, I’m going to go and enjoy some cake with you, to celebrate your fourth year!


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