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A weekend or two ago we found ourselves just north of Knoxville, at the Museum of Appalachia. This museum is stuffed full of pioneer implements, tools and lore that filled the Appalachian region. We took a picnic lunch of sandwiches, sliced apples and some cookies…and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves there for about 4 hours. Upon pulling into the entrance we were greeted by a small herd of goats, and over by the parking area were some lovely sheep, chickens and geese. This is a place that I can see us going over and over again, the inspiration for the homesteading and daily life of the early settlers here was immense. I must admit, we felt a strong sense of farm-lust by being there!

Here’s some photos of our day…

Appalachian Museum
Appalachian Museum
Appalachian Museum
Appalachian Museum

I hope that we’re able to get back out there soon. Everything was just so amazing to see, that towards the end it almost seemed a little overwhelming. (Not to mention, both of the kids were so beyond done by the time we left!) I want to get better inside photos of the cabins, more detailed shots of woodworking and stone work, as well as the tools inside the cabins. If you’re ever in the Knoxville area, I highly suggest you pay a visit to this museum – especially if you’re into the history of Appalachia. Now I’m going to go and see if I can find myself a good starting manual for learning how to place a dulcimer and leave strong hints to my family that I would love to get a dulcimer for Yule… 😉


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