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Yesterday was the ninth year celebration of our handfasting. Nine years ago under the full moon on that particular Samhain we made our promises to each other. We celebrate this day as our anniversary, rather than our legal marriage date. For us, it truly was the beginning of what is turning out to be a wonderful journey. Even if we did spend most of our day yesterday in the minivan, traveling back from spending a weekend in Atlanta with my parents, we ended our day on a quiet note, after discovering a little Asian grocery just down the sidewalk from the bookstore we stopped in on our way home. Our supper was full of new, never tasted before things like pork bao, beef pho and taro-filled mochi. All of which was enjoyed. (Especially the pho – the kids inhaled it!)

Today, we’re going out for a walk to find the prettiest leaves to preserve in beeswax, or to iron as suggested by Greenpa, to remind us of the sunnier and colorful days as winter comes in.



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