Sometimes, there just are no words.

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This morning at 3:30-4am our apartment building caught on fire. The apartment block just across the walkway is completely burnt down, our apartment is still standing, but the extent of damage is unknown at this point. To be sure, there will be smoke and water damage, and I can see from photos in local press that there is some fire damage to the living room area.

Whether our precious cats got out or not – we don’t know. There was very little time from our hearing the explosion of the fire to getting out and then to it completely engulfing the rest of the apartments walk ways. So there was no chance to try and hunt them down in the apartment. I feel that our eldest cat, Kali, at least escaped. I seem to recall seeing her running out of the front door when we opened it. As to the youngest cat, Kitty…I don’t know. I simply don’t know.

Most of our material possessions were already at our new rental house, thank goodness. On the way out the door we only had presence of mind to get the kids and ourselves dressed, grab laptops and get out. We didn’t get our shoes, even. Due to this fire, my internet presence for awhile will be low, and my photos will be nonexistent, as my camera was left behind in the apartment. As was our seed order.

To see photos of the whole thing, you can go to Knox News or WBIR.


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