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I figured that this Monday morning was a good time to sit down and write a little bit about what we’ve been up to, things we have planned and things we’re merely waiting on! Its been a very wet last few days, not to mention chilly and overcast!

Last week I put carrots and red romaine lettuce into the ground, the week before that, we planted our peas: Tall Telephone and Little Marvel. I actually have some Tall Telephone seedlings on our patio that need to get into the ground as well – they’re getting a bit tall! I’ve gotten some broccoli, around 15 Amish Paste seedlings, Red Acre cabbage and leeks started. I planted out our other peppers (Anaheim, Ozark Giant and Leutschauer Paprika) and tomatoes (Ozark Pinks, Depp’s Firefly, Chadwick Cherry) in some starter pots, but nothing has come up. This was a couple of weekends ago, so I’m admittedly starting to get somewhat nervous. I’m thinking they just aren’t staying consistently warm enough, so my goal for today is to rearrange the living room in such a way that I’ll have a flat surface right by the heating vents in the floor and by the window. I *probably* should have done this right off the bat! For now, though, I’m chalking this one up to a learning experience. (And ordering some backup seed packets for those varieties – just in case!)

Soon! We should have our first bees arriving! Hooray for ultra-local honey! Of course, we won’t actually see any of that surplus honey until next year, if my understanding is correct. We’ve got the hive on order and we’re hoping it’ll be here this week. On April 10 we’ll be getting the 3lb package of bees with a marked queen. Truman is mightily excited by this, as the bees are sort of his pet project, rather than a shared venture, like the gardens. I do react somewhat to bees, so I’ll be easing (very, very) slowly into working with them – if at all. I figure I should have at least a basic working knowledge, just in case I ever needed to do something with them and Truman wasn’t here or able to do it himself. So there’s that, I suppose.

In the meantime of all the planting, bee excitement and so on, I’ve finished reading Independence Days by Sharon Astyk. I have to admit to a little bit of horrified self-amusement at the fact that I ordered this book nearly a year ago..but I only just read it. (Thank goodness to having packed up 95% of my books and gotten them moved over!) After having read it, of course, my list of “to do” and “try this!” just became about a thousand miles long!

I’m hoping that putting my thoughts down here, in regards to the aforementioned Try or Do lists, I’ll be able to keep better track of it. We’ll see!


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