The beginning of bees

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This past Friday, our beehive, beekeeping equipment and supplies all arrived! We were getting a little bit afraid when, on that Wednesday, we finally got shipping notice. We were a little afraid because, well, our bees are arriving this SUNDAY! In any case, the hive and equipment certainly arrived with enough time, thank goodness. On Saturday, Truman spent it building the hive. I believe what we ordered was 1 deep brooder and one shallow brooder (with plans to order a honey super in a couple of weeks, I believe) made out of cypress wood from GA Bees. They look absolutely gorgeous all put together. But this was the scene on our porch on Saturday evening, once all of the frames, brooders and equipment was all put together.


Saturday night and Sunday morning were spent looking into different sealant recipes, we ended up doing a boiled linseed oil + beeswax combination. Which, honestly, made this hive look utterly gorgeous. The mixture brought the warm golden tones of the cypress out and enhanced it. Truly, a beautiful sight.



Next Sunday we get our bees, and truly begin the process of becoming beekeepers! For now, I’m falling asleep, dreaming of the warm scent of homemade beeswax candles and honey from our own bees drizzled onto a biscuit for breakfast.


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