Final (ish?) Garden Plans

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Here they are! This is for the 44×44 garden plot in our backyard. (The side yard is pretty simple, its just 66×66 of Rainbow Inca Corn and Strawberry Popcorn!)

Final plans of the garden!

Herb bed

This is the very back bordering bed, its going to be nothing but herbs and flowers. We’re going to be putting the beehive toward the back of the garden, along a row of flower bushes. So I figure, well, it might be kind of nice for the bees to have all sorts of really lovely flowers to collect from! I’m not sure if the list of herbs and flowers will be readily readable, much less the numbered slots on where those herbs and flowers are actually going to go. This back bed that is being put toward herbs and flowers is roughly 36×4. I’m attempting to start all of these from seed, but I may break down and buy a few lavender plants and so on, to get a head start on the flowering.

I’ve struggled with whether or not to even direct-seed my herbs and flowers into the ground, or if I should somehow rustle up enough containers and keep them as a container garden. Though Truman figures we could just dig them up and transplant them. I think the argument there is if we’ve managed to keep them alive to where they’re thriving, we can darn well figure out how to move them. This living in a rental, but being able to have extensive gardens and various projects going has been doing quite a number on me. I want, very much, to get fruit trees and bushes, but I hesitate – thinking and wondering at how long we’ll even be in this house. I’ll be perfectly honest: I can see us being happy in this house if we owned it. We’d likely need to make an addition or two, in terms of bedrooms. (This is technically a two bedroom house, but the second bedroom is so tiny, it really feels more suited to being turned into a walk-in pantry and storage area, honestly.) And oh goodness, the things I would and could do with the bathroom and kitchens! But, it remains: we’re only renting it. And..well…eventually, I could see us wanting more space, well, land in specific. I do have that flock of sheep dream just waiting for me to get the space.

What would you do? Would you go ahead and plant the fruit trees and bushes, with the thought that you could always move them (or at least the bushes) later? Get the trees and bushes but stick to large as crap containers to grow them in until we find somewhere a little more permanent?


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