Bees: Installation Day

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Installation day was awhile ago, admittedly. Okay, so, really awhile ago, on April 17th. Here’s some photos from that day..

The queen bee is in there...somewhere!


When we first started the whole concept of keeping bees, I was a bit leery of it all. That many bees, being close to them, and the fear that seems to be driven into the general populace (myself included!) about bees… well, it was a little nerve wracking. Either way, getting the bees into the hive was a relatively simple process. Admittedly, I was a little skeptical of how docile the bees were through all of it. I couldn’t fathom that they would be so calm through all of this activity – which had to be a stressful time of transition for them! The fact that they were, though, I think it went a long way toward helping me establish more comfort and personal calmness about the whole shebang. Which is good, because otherwise I wouldn’t be able to be quite so…calm..whenever Lilly goes over to “watch the buggies” and gets right up close to them. I’m still trying to help her establish a good boundary with them, but she’s so freaking fearless with “her buggies”!


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