Small moments from the last few weeks…

(Queen of the Wildflower Jungle: she’s surrounded by then-yet to open lilies.)

(My gorgeous little boy.)

(Kitty, who follows us all over the place outside. He’s very, very good about coming inside once it gets dark.)

(At the GA Renaissance Festival a few weeks ago, Lilly’s treasures.)


3 thoughts on “Snapshots

  1. Oh my goodness! I cannot believe how big (and gorgeous) your children are…and another baby? Awesome! Are you guys still in TN? The bees look awesome. We’ve been talking about bees, though, I think we are going to try and tackle laying hens in the Spring (and maybe raise some broilers on a friends’ property…those chickens are expensive)! Maybe, bees the following year? Baby steps, right? We’ve got a garden plan drawn up too and we’re working on that first. We’re in a neighborhood so we’re somewhat limited on our half-acre, but it’s a great learning place for us. Do you guys have some space?

    I am also planning Ronan’s first official year of homeschooling (and hoping to be more active on my blog – at least as a way to keep track of his progress, I think). He did pre-K this year at a local Montessori school (completely free) and it was good. But, we’re excited to have him at home all the time now (most of the time anyway – ha ha).

    • Yep! We’re down to (yikes!) six weeks until due. My midwife shocked the heck out of me when she mentioned that our next appointment together is the 36 week “she comes to my house” visit. I sat there and just stared at her for a minute and then blurted, “Are you serious?” ha ha

      Still in TN, indeed – we’re pretty enamored with the Knoxville area. I’ll be honest, that always takes me by surprise – I never thought of TN as a desirable place to live, much less one that I would sincerely grow to enjoy.

      We’re currently renting a nice little house that sits on roughly 3/4 of an acre, which is just awesome. Even more awesome is the fact that our landlord told us to go ahead on chickens and gardens. He’s just wary of letting me have goats. I’ll break him down yet. πŸ˜‰ I think we’re hoping to be able to do a set of broilers this summer, actually, possibly a late-summer thing. I want to use the Freedom Ranger chicks, rather than the Cornish X. (Even though the Cornish X yield more in the way of meat..I can’t really get over all that I hear about them. Next year I’m hoping to get some laying hens, and depending on how the bees do over winter (and whether we’ll find anyone to host hives in exchange for honey and wax) we’re hoping to expand the bees by another 4-5 hives. Crazy? Quite possibly! πŸ™‚

      I’ve been starting to consider the whole homeschooling thing for Logan, and trying to get a little planning in. If I were putting him into public he’d be able to go in *this* fall, but just by observing him..he’s not quite there. So I’m just going to continue with the super relaxed thing we’ve had going on and work on what we’re going to do for the next year. (Mostly its consisted of lots of reading, talking about concepts presented in Bill Nye the Science Guy and stuff like that.) Of course, I’m getting this feeling that Lilly will *insist* on school time with Logan, so I’m trying to think of some special activities she can do while Logan is doing his thing. πŸ™‚

      We should try to schedule a meet-up next time we all might be in the Atlanta area!

  2. Oh yay! Baby time soon! I’ll keep checking back…thinking very good thoughts for you guys!

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