Preparing for baby

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My birth kit arrived this last week. For the first time ever, I actually went ahead and got one of these shirts. The whole, “I was born at home!” bit. It wasn’t until later on this last weekend that I started thinking about this and wondered if maybe I was jinxing myself a little bit by getting this shirt. I had thought about getting one for Lilly’s birth, but just never really got around to it. And, yeah, Lilly’s homebirth went fantastic. I have no reason to think that something should go wrong this time, not really. Other than the eternal fear of the unknown, I suppose. Illogical to think that since one birth went fantastic without getting that shirt and then fearing something because I *got* the shirt this time? Oh, quite likely.

The bottom drawer of the kids dresser is filled with the infant clothing that I have left. (I had only gotten one box of older clothing moved over before the fire.) Of course, this also means that Lilly can’t seem to leave any of it alone – she loves pulling out the clothes and either spreading them around the room as she looks at them, or bringing me pieces to put onto her baby. (Which is actually wearing a onesie from the Canadian Grandparents for the Honorary Canadian Grandchildren, intended for the real baby..but I figure, real baby won’t be here for Canada Day, so second best option, Lilly’s baby!)

I need to prep the new prefolds and wool covers that I’ve collected. A couple of the new covers are wonderful hand knits from Grandma K in Canada – I can’t wait to see them on a tiny bum!

And another couple of the covers were found on Etsy, from a seller in Nova Scotia called Turn a New Leaf Designs. (It looks like she’s also expecting, and so her shop is now on hiatus – but I cannot recommend her enough! These two covers are gorgeous, well-made and I anticipate a lot of good use out of them.)


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