Around the Farm Thursdays


Sara over at Farmama posted last Thursday, proposing that we all share what we’re growing and what’s going on in our respective gardens or farms. I thought I’d participate this Thursday, as I’ve been wanting a regular day to talk about our little piece of land and what we’ve been doing with it!

(Cherokee Purple is pictured above.)
We have lots of baby tomatoes on our four older plants that I picked up from the Farmer’s Market a month ago. I had big plans for my own varieties, but those have been put back to rest for awhile. The starting of seeds is apparently not my forte. So, instead, they are going to wait for next spring while I slowly gear up for it and get my proverbial act together over this winter in preparation for the 2012 growing season. Anyway! The four biggest tomato plants are 2 cherokee purple and 2 valencia. I’ve already gotten an inkling of fresh tomatoes this year – one of the vendors at the farmer’s market had some from his green house and, after a winter of no fresh tomatoes they tasted good. We have quite a variety in the rest of the tomato bed, though I can’t remember exactly what I got at this point. (All of the name tags are in the ground by that tomato plant, I just never seem to remember to write down the name/location of that specific plant!)

My zucchini are doing well, though I think they might have done better in a different part of the garden. The corner they’re in actually gets a lot more shade than I thought they would – the patty pan squash (in the second photo) are further out from that specific corner, and so I think they’re getting the benefits of this and so have been much more prolific. We’ve already eaten two and harvested another 3 from them, while the zucchini have yet to get large enough to harvest even one. (Though I think I could probably pick the one in the photo above, I want them to be just a little bigger.)

“Parisienne” pickling cucumber. Its supposed to be gherkin size, and it seems to be growing really well. It is, also, in desperate need of some better trellising. Ack. My Beit Alpha, which are to be a larger slicing-type pickle, did’t sprout *at all*. I’m not sure if I just planted them too late, or if it was a crummy batch of seed or what.

My strawberries. It (it being various sources) says you’re not supposed to let them set out runners in the first year. I’m kind of throwing caution to the wind here and letting them just do their little strawberry thing. Sure, we got all of 16 strawberries this year. I’m okay with that. We’ll get more next year! Not just because they’ll be more mature, but because there will be a freaking TON more strawberry plants. I need to sit down and do some reading on the longer-term care and feeding of strawberries, and just as importantly, I need to figure out a game plan for them to be able to survive the winter. We also have 3 raspberry and 3 high-bush blueberry bushes – originally we’ve started out with them in large pots, but this evening we’re hoping to get them put into the ground finally. Somewhere. We haven’t figured out quite where yet. But we’ve discovered that honestly? Container gardening just doesn’t really jive with us.

These two photos show all of our garden. Sort of. And by garden, obviously I mean jungle. ha ha. I think this morning is going to be a “tidy around the garden” one!


5 thoughts on “Around the Farm Thursdays

  1. LOVE your blog!!! Found you via Farmama. Come visit me!!!

  2. I think I at one point knew you had this blog…but somehow forgot? Anyway, thanks for the facebook link, and yay for lovely lush garden pictures!

    • Heh. Don’t worry, sometimes its almost like *I* forget this blog exists. πŸ™‚

      The garden was looking very nice on this Thursday. And then rains hit. And along with rain, lots of really not so fun crap. I’ll definitely be sharing more this upcoming Thursday about it all!

      • This year has been nothing but crazy weather of one kind or another…hope the damage wasn’t *too* bad!

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