A Tree Saga

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I almost feel ashamed to admit this, but back in the middle of May, we had a tree fall over in our backyard. Next to our backyard, is a church with its driveway along the majority of our backyard, and their parking lot pretty much parallel with our house. This (the tree falling over), of course, had to happen at the same time that my mouth decided to explode, and gave me a dental abscess that took *pretty much* three whole weeks to recover from.

(A whole saga in and of its own right, let me assure you. Things I learned? Childbirth hurts less, significantly less, than a dental abscess. No joke.)

So needless to say, it sort of got shoved to the back burner. In that time, we somehow convinced ourselves that the tree wasn’t really impinging on anyone’s ability to maneuver around back there. Until we actually went up there two weekends ago and saw that..um..no, it actually was making it difficult for nearly anyone to move up there. In and amongst all of these things, our landlord had been working on another one of his rental houses after the big storms at the end of April, fell off a ladder and broke his back and his arm. Fun times for him, to be sure! So we just really weren’t too sure how to proceed.

Once we walked up there and saw that it was partially blocking the parking lot, we went ahead and started hacking at it with the meager tools at hand: a pair of garden shears and a machete. Yeah. Really.

This is just before he gave up on the shears being able to continue doing anything and pulled out the machete.

Size perspective. This was a gigantic maple tree that fell over. The fork that Truman was sitting in was just barely out of frame toward the right hand side. Kitty was very interested in all of the commotion that was going on.

As Truman got the smaller limbs hacked off, I would drag them over and onto our property to be repurposed later. Eventually, a neighbor from across the street finally came over to investigate the “pinging” noise he had been hearing. He came over, toting a chain saw. They made quick work (compared to the machete-pace, at least) of the largest portion of limbs that were hanging over into the driveway and parking lot of the church. Finally, we were able to mostly call it “good” until we could call our landlord and ask if we could borrow a chainsaw or something to finish the work on a particularly large limb that had gotten missed in the initial cutting session.

This past Saturday, we were finally able to finish sawing up the limbs that encroached on the church as our landlord is able to now be upright and at least semi-mobile. He brought over a chainsaw and supervised Truman using it. I think the general plan now for the rest of the massive maple tree is to hire in someone professional to finish taking care of it – the largest portion of the tree spans over a hillside and is suspended about 4.5-5 feet off the ground. I can walk under it without bending over too much. He’s rightly nervous that if we try to just go into it, the log could crash to the ground and cause some serious havoc. I can’t argue with that! But for now, I’m just taking an amount of happiness in having been able to get a large portion of it cleared out.

After all of this, I’m pretty excited about having plenty of long, straight(ish) limbs to make trellising, bean climbing poles and maybe even a border around the garden! I’ll have to show you guys what I’ve been up to with some of those branches on Thursday.


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