Strawberry Peach Jam


I’ve started feeling bolder about this whole “preserving” shindig. Thanks, in large part, to the fact that over at Calamity Jane’s Apron Strings, she was holding a giveaway for a copy of Harriet Fasenfest’s DVD, Preserving With Friends. I won myself a copy, thank goodness! (I don’t know that I’ve ever been that excited over having won a giveaway before, to be honest.) And let me tell you all. I was no more than 30 minutes into that DVD when I started having lightbulbs going on all over the place in my head. I just knew what I’d done wrong with my first batch of Strawberry Jam. (And its on my list to redo this weekend.)

Feeling bolder, I bought a bag of peaches from a local farmer, Mountain Meadows Farms, this past weekend at the farmer’s market. These peaches. Oh, they were so lovely. But I wanted a way to make them last a little bit longer, without them going bad in my fridge because we couldn’t eat them fast enough. So I got the idea for jam in my head. I found this Peach Jam recipe over at Food In Jars (an amazing blog), except it calls for 10 cups of peaches. I only got 6. So I substituted the last 4 cups with strawberries instead. I made a few other modifications after some rather copious amounts of googling, using what I had on hand – no lemons, so I used orange juice instead. I also reduced the sugar somewhat, too. In any case. This jam is seriously the best damn jam I’ve ever had in my life. (Though Truman feels the cinnamon could be a little lighter. Whatever. Embrace the cinnamon!)



Isn’t it pretty?

That empty jar up there was open for all of 2 hours in this house. That is the quickest *any* jam in this house has disappeared. Heck, I think its the quickest *anything* in this house has disappeared! I keep being tempted to go crack open another jar and just eat it with a spoon. What? Don’t look at me like that. I’m nearly 37 weeks pregnant – I’m allowed an indulgence here and there! 😉


7 thoughts on “Strawberry Peach Jam

  1. Congrats on a success! Which counts a success for me and Harriet too, btw. Not that you like your jam even, but that you gave it a go.
    Have fun, it’s addictive.

    • Thanks CJ! 🙂 & I have to say, I’ve also been pickling like a fiend, too. I’ve got some refrigerator pickles that taste *so* good, its ridiculous.

      I’m already dreaming of more preserves to make. I’d say the addiction is fully caught!

  2. Groovy. Glad to be of help. I just made a ton of strawberry-black currant jam—-the black currants standing in for the pectin the strawberries lack. Yes mamm, it sure worked. Here’s for inspiration!!

    Harriet (Preserving with Friends)

    • Harriet, thank you so much for making that DVD! I am such a visual learner, that no matter how many phone calls I made to my grandma I just wasn’t *getting* it. And strawberry black currant jam! That sounds amazingly good!

      I’ve got a question for you: have you found that there any specific varieties of currants that are higher in pectin than others, or are they all pretty standard? I’m working on next years perennial plant plans, and currants are at the top of the list of Things To Get. I’m just not sure if black/white/red may make a difference in the quantity of pectin in the fruits or not!

  3. Looks great! I really want to try my hand at jam this summer/fall. Last year my mom and I canned two huge batches of antipasto, as well as a whole lot of salmon, and I’ve helped with peaches before, but I’ve never canned anything on my own. One of these days I’ll get my courage up!

    • DO IT! ;D Though honestly, I don’t know whether I’d be quite as brave with littles under foot as young as yours still are unless I had help. I save nearly all of my canning adventures for when Truman is home so I can have help keeping the hooligans under control. Which is part of the reason why I think I’m going insane now with the things I want to make before this baby gets here. In, like, three weeks. Heh.

      • I can’t believe your due so soon, it seems like you just announced you were expecting…I’m so excited for you! Yay for tiny, sweet, delightful newborns:D
        I think one day I’ll attempt to do it on my own, but yeah…right now it’s still a challenge to have a shower! And canning is always more fun with help:)

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