She arrived at 3:49 early this morning after laboring since Wednesday afternoon. On Thursday night, I finally went to sleep at midnight, 3cm dilated in spite of all the insane contractions I’d been having. Woke up at 3am, directly into transition. I have never hit all of the emotional markers for transition as hard as I did this time. At one point I was very seriously considering making someone take my ass to the hospital for a cesarean – I was positively convinced it would somehow hurt *less*. Calli was born about 15 minutes after that, posterior. Which completely explained the insane labor patterns.

The midwife missed the birth by about an hour – so in the end, I got the unassisted birth I’d been contemplating. My mom did the honors of catching – which was good, because that little girl fairly just rocketed out. I have only a very minor skid mark – even less than what I had with Lilly’s birth. I ended up on all fours, hanging over the arm rest on the couch. Fun times!

20″ long
13 3/4″ head – bigger by 3/4″ than either of the other two – and STILL no molding of the head!




3 thoughts on “Calliope

  1. Yea for new babies! Closest thing I ever imagined to an “angel,” pure spirit, unaccustomed to the physical world.
    Enjoy that first magical week.
    How do pronounce calliope?

    • ka-LYE-oh-pee 🙂

      I will certainly enjoy these first days! Her labor was one of the more difficult things I think I’ve ever done. I will say that now, being done and not pregnant anymore feels SO good, even if incredibly exhausted. 🙂

      A funny: I’ve now had two people independently say that her name makes them immediately think of Calamity Jane as a nickname.

  2. Congratulations for your family! I love her name…hope that Logan and Lily are enjoying her sweetness too. (And, that you are getting a bit of rest – always nice to hope for, right?)

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