Falling off the face of the planet.

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I know. I had a baby, and went from sporadically posting to..uh..well, not at all. What can I say? Things have been busy here. Shortly after we had Calliope, the garden got torn out – it had all virtually died in any case from the heat and lack of rain. The adjustment to three kids and then Truman went back to work..until yesterday.

Yesterday was the culmination of a few events, and it ended with the husband losing his job. All in all: good riddance. We’re going to miss Knoxville, and the people we’ve met here and become friends with. Though I’m hoping that since we’re just basically moving down the road 3 hours to Atlanta, that we’ll still be able to see them once in awhile.

I’m not saying that this path won’t have hiccups or bumps, but on the whole…I think we’re looking forward to it. He will have a lot more time to focus more entirely on his programming skills, finding freelance positions to get experience and gaining his certifications in java. All of which I’m considering a good thing.

I’m over the moon with excitement at the homeschooling groups that are available in Atlanta. The Fernbank Museum, the children’s museum, the zoo – all of it sounds amazing. (Especially the Fernbank! My goodness! Especially the 65 acre forest adjoined to it.)

My parents are being positively amazing and taking us in as we figure out what we’re doing and how we’re going to accomplish it.

Who knows what the future holds for us in the long run, but for now? I think its going to be good.


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