Early Morning Thoughts

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Its early for me to be awake, especially lately. Its 6:20am. Lilly is awake, and has been since shortly after 5:30. Last night was the first night she’s actually slept all the way through in a long, long time. For about the last 4 months she’s been waking up at least once, sometimes more, every night. Crying. I know that there’s been a lot of changes in her little world. She went from sharing a bed with mommy and daddy, to being in her own bed. (Even if it is right next to ours, its still a separate space.) She had a new little sister arrive. She was no longer getting 50% of the focus. Lots of change for this little girl’s world. So you might say, sleep has been a little bit on the scarce side for awhile now. Its kind of funny, given that Calliope sleeps virtually through the night. (First of my babies to ever do that!) But what all of this has meant is that, by the time morning comes, I am no where near ready to be getting up. Except this morning, because I actually got some good sleep in! (Hooray!)

We’ve all been under the weather this past week. Calliope started it off with a runny nose. Then Lilly. And then Logan. Except they also had a fever and acted a lot more miserable than Calli did. Now I think I’m getting what my mom has, with a sore throat and…er…other unmentionables.

The kids have been having a blast since we moved in here. In our little cul-de-sac there’s two other kids, one about 6 months younger than Lilly, and the other is around 7 years old. I can’t get over the fact that my 5 year old is virtually the same height as a 7 year old. Its crazy. On Friday we took the 7 year old with us to Kennesaw Mountain National Park. There was a little bit of a moment in there where Truman and I were laughing at the sheer insanity that we’re considered responsible adults. (Never mind the fact that Truman will be 30 in March and I’ll be 27 in April.) Enough so that someone entrusted us to take their kid somewhere with us. Even more so, at the fact that our kids are getting old enough to have friends who come places with us, and not in a separate car. My mind was blown.

In any case, all of the older kids had a ton of fun there. Calliope slept the whole time in the wrap, and I got my butt worked off. I have hopes of this little spot becoming something like a replacement for all of our trips to Ijam’s we used to take in Knoxville.




And now, I’m off to make breakfast. I’m thinking of some gluten free pancakes, bacon and scrambled eggs!


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