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We’ve been busy little birds around here. I initially took the blog offline because of a few reasons – one being I wanted to revamp the whole shebang, and the other is..well, I got nervous. Nervous and shy and..well..I don’t know. Looking at it all now, it feels really reactionary and silly, but you know. Such is life! But now, I’m back, and I want to start again with this blog. I have a new layout, working on a new banner, and I’m going to work on updating some things around here that have just sort of sat there and not done much anything.

I’m back in school (and rocking some solid B’s, thankyouverymuch), and I’m seriously looking forward to this introduction to anthropology and introduction to forestry classes I’ll be taking next semester! (Starting no other than the day after my birthday.) We’ve found a great homeschooling group here in the Atlanta area that is nothing but a social group (for now – there’s talk of a loose co-op starting this summer) and have been immensely enjoying that whole experience. Once a week, we all get out of the house and meet up at a park for as long as we want to let the kids play and get this mama some social time.

Calliope is seven months old now (!!!!) and very stable while sitting up, and she’s been on all fours – rocking back and forth. She is an amazingly fast combat crawler – which is at once hilarious and terrifying. I am so not ready for her to start moving yet! No teeth yet, which is funny, considering Logan and Lilly both had teeth in by the time they were 6 months old. A friend back in Knoxville joked that it must be the curse of the third child, as her third (born a month after Calliope) has yet to get any teeth, either.

Lilly just had her third birthday (I’ll share photos of her little family-party tomorrow) on Thursday last week. Its so hard to believe that she’s already three. She’s so amazingly imaginative. Everywhere we go, she takes her friends. Yesterday, we went to the bookstore and she asked me to carry her friends for her, and she stuck them into the outer pocket of my bag. She has also been a bus driver already this morning, taking kids to ballet school. She busts spontaneous grooves to music anywhere. This girl is so fearless and beautiful.


Logan been a mixture of amazing, frustrating, brilliant, and mind boggling lately. Undoubtedly, its something of a wild 5.5 year old change, or residual from every massive change we’ve had in the last year, or..well, who knows. I just know that its here, in our home, and there are days that I look at him and wonder just what exactly it is that goes on in that mind of his. I spelled birthday the other day, because I didn’t want Lilly to know that I was talking about her birthday and, you know, all the drama that can come with such a character of a (then, almost-) three year old. He piped up and repeated the letters after I said them and asked me, “Does that spell birthday?” I stopped for a moment, felt my brain fall out of my head, and saw him in an entirely new light. This kid of mine, this first-born kid of mine – he’s growing up. I still sometimes feel like its not possible, like wasn’t it just yesterday he  was turning 3?!



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