Lilly’s Third Birthday

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The night before we celebrated her birthday (on Sunday), we decorated the downstairs to surprise her in the morning when she got up. Predictably, she woke up before us all, wandered downstairs and started yelling about the balloons. I had decorated the cupcakes the evening before, and hid them in the grandparent’s bedroom. We delayed several days to celebrate, so we could have it on Sunday morning so grandpa could be home with us before going in to work later in the day.

I’m faintly surprised that I didn’t actually get any photos of her gifts to speak of – we got her just a handful of things. I had big plans to finish knitting her vest, but the night before her actual birthday, as I sat up and tried to knit the bodice part of it, I somehow completely and utterly messed it up. /sigh So I’ll be tearing rows back out and beginning again with it. So, instead of this, we ended up getting her and her dolly a matching dress, a small baby carrier, two small plush hedgehogs (which are ridiculously adorable), and a new book. The grandparents got her a set of sparkly bobby pins and the chef set she’s wearing in part of the photos above.

All in all, I would say that she had a lovely birthday. She’s worn the dress two days in a row now, and read the book more times than I’m able to count on one hand. (I’m thinking about adding a pink ribbon tie for around her waist on the dress, as it is a size 4, and well, my Lilly is just a little scrap of a girl, to be honest. [She can still squeeze into Calliope’s clothes!])


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