Around Town: Atlanta History Center


We spent a large portion of the day at the Atlanta History Center a couple of weeks ago, after I scored a Sustaining level membership there for 50% off the regular price. (Yay!) There is a lot to see, and do, there. I’m not sure we even really saw half of what it offers. Inside the museum itself they have exhibits about Southern folk arts, the Olympics (which was far more fascinating than I’d thought it would be), and more.

Some photos from our visit….
Inside they have a children’s corner & these chalkboards painted onto the wall.

Logan availed himself of a glue stick, scissors, and miscellaneous papers.

Outside the Smith House they have a blacksmith shop. The bellows used is over 100 years old. We’re going to be back at the Atlanta History Center on the 14th of this month for Sheep to Shawl.

The Smith House. Absolutely gorgeous. If I remember the history of this house right, it used to be on 800 acres in what is now part of downtown Atlanta.

Grumpy Lilly. She was chasing a butterfly around the pathways and couldn’t catch it. She sat down on this bench and grumped for awhile about it.

One of the flowers in the front of the Smith house. I wish I knew what it was!

The kids had a lot of fun choosing something small in the little gift shop, Logan chose some little Civil War figurines and Lilly wanted a sun bonnet. I snagged myself a book on traditional hand dyeing methods. And upon looking in the book at home, realized that it was written with help from a university in Nova Scotia. Which I had to laugh at..I mean..really? Every other book there was on Appalachian traditions and written about/in this area!

I’m really looking forward to the Sheep to Shawl event in a week or so. There’s a early petting “zoo” prior to the event for members, the blacksmith shop will be going, and they’ll have spinners and knitters and so on demonstrating their handcrafts as well. The kids sound excited about it, as they’ve seen me working a lot with raw sheep fleeces lately. And for good reason, too! But that’ll be its own post.


4 thoughts on “Around Town: Atlanta History Center

  1. Love the grumpy photo!!


  2. I LOVE it! I have often been told I am pretty facially expressive myself. I consider it an art šŸ˜€

    … and to prove my point: :p

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