Moment in Time

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Wednesday saw a rather large event happen in our household: Logan lost his first tooth!

Its been a month-long saga in the making. Nearly everyday, peering at it, wiggling it, and asking him if it felt any looser than before. I think we all had this idea that a tooth, when loose, would just..come out. And that, as they say, would be that. held on. Tenaciously. There was talk of doors and strings, distract and yank technique, but in the end we just let it be. Taking the advice of Grandpa that it’ll fall out of his head when its ready. And, well, it did!

We were eating lunch in varying places around the house on Wednesday, and Logan and Lilly were outside having lunch with their friend from a couple doors down. Logan came running inside all of a sudden, shouting that he’d lost his tooth. Apparently, as he told Grandma later on, he had eaten one slice of pizza and was playing with his tooth before eating a second one, when it just popped out into his hand. He was surprised, but so, so proud of it. I asked him if it had hurt at all, because that had been his main fear with losing a tooth. He responded with a very simple, and very pleased “no”.

That night, he asked me if the tooth fairy was going to come and visit him. And then it hit me. I had absolutely no ideas for what to do. I don’t really want to give money – for a variety of reasons. As I stood there and thought about it, I realized that he would really enjoy getting gemstones and neat seashells or other little trinkets like that. So, tonight, he’s getting my best little spiral shell and a lovely clear quartz crystal. I think I need to go on the hunt for more gemstones and bits to quietly horde away. I thought about quickly making a little pouch, maybe knitted, for giving them in. But instead, I’m using a little jewelry box that my grandma gave me, with a little gnome and toadstool mushroom on it. I think its fitting! Maybe I’ll still make him a little pouch, to keep his treasures in. But for now, I think we’re good.



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