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Part of our planning this year included making one big purchase for each of us, after making sure we had at least most (if not all) of this year budgeted. This comprises our birthday and Yule gifts to each other for 2012. So what was my pick? A spinning wheel. I’ve been eyeing one for years now. And as an aside, I’m hoping to open up to selling a variety of my own works: hand-dyed yarn, hand-dyed & hand-spun yarn, hand-dyed fleece, and so on. Speaking of, I cleaned a raw shetland lamb fleece last week – it was the lamb’s first shearing. And all I can say is that little guy played well.



She’s an Ashford Kiwi. I’ve managed to spin a single that nearly filled a bobbin. There’s a few tension issues, but you know..I’m okay with that! I figure I’ll get that figured out eventually. My first task is to work out how to regularly get stuff onto the bobbin in the first place! My husband tried it out one evening and managed to get a fairly consistent thread, except it was way too thin in places and it just kept snapping on him. So, none of it actually made it onto the bobbin. My first spinning was a gloppy mess, just, oh, all over the place. Honestly, you can barely call it a single! But the next time was with some smooth undyed wool that I actually had leftover from a project that I was using it for stuffing with..and that spun beautifully.


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