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This has been a house full of sick people this week. Which has been astoundingly frustrating. Last week we didn’t go to the homeschooling group because, well, it was spring break for everyone else and so our normal park would be flooded. This week was supposed to be our group egg hunt…and we couldn’t go, because we were all busy being sick as sick can be. Totally not fun, let me assure you.

I think the last time I was sick like that was, well, I think I was pregnant with Calliope. Miserable. At least this time I wasn’t pregnant! ha.

In addition, we were all tiptoeing around, trying desperately to not get my mom sick. See, she was scheduled for surgery today. She has since had the surgery, and is now recovering well, thank goodness. A few weeks ago she landed herself in the hospital with some severe anemia, and no one could figure out quite why. Finally, they found a mass, and that’s what was removed today – as well as them being able to figure out the extreme anemia. (That was a combination of events, but not really related to the mass.) The mass was not cancerous, so we’re all pretty damn happy at this point!

As far as we go, we’re all recovering from this stomach bug. The husband is on the tail end of it and fending it off far better than I did. Fingers crossed that it doesn’t affect Calliope!


One thought on “Sickies.

  1. YAY for no cancer! Such good news! Glad she’s recovering ok:)

    Hopefully your littlest will escape the bug, sick babes are the absolute worst.

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