Yarn Along

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So, this isn’t exactly a knitted project, but I figure..I’m making yarn, so it counts, right? Right!

I started with this:

That is half a brick of 100% silk from Oliver Twists. My friend Elana, way over yonder in Dublin Ireland, said she was sending me something in the mail after I got my spinning wheel. I checked the mail one day and there was a package from her, and that was what was in it. A beautiful heap of this amazing silk.

I let it sit there, and I stared at it for several days. Then, while my mom was in the hospital, I needed do so something, anything, to take my mind off of things. So I chose to start spinning up this silk.

Spinning the silk from Elana.

So far, I think the silk has been both the oddest yet smoothest spin I’ve had so far. It appears to be far more forgiving of extra twist than wool has been, and because the fibers are longer, I think that contributes more toward a beginning spinner who is just figuring out that whole pinch-pull-spin combo. Let me tell y’all. Its not as easy as it would sound right at first, at least, it wasn’t for me.


At the time that Calliope scaled my spinning wheel, this is what I had on the bobbin. I started off with some basic wool to get back into the rhythm, then I switched to the silk. The wool isn’t anything terribly special, I don’t know what type of wool or anything it is. Honestly, its some wool that I had bought and intended to use as stuffing for a waldorf doll!


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