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In June we are going to be departing Atlanta for parts further north. We are going to Canada for a few months visit, and to help my mother in law open her yarn store in Dartmouth. Fun! Our passports are all applied for and now..we wait and plan.

The husband has been picking up freelance jobs for a few people here and there, with a hopeful, more long term contract on the horizon.

I’ve been back in school for the last couple of semesters. It has been interesting attempting to juggle everything. And by “interesting” I honestly mean kind of…impossible. I’m not sure if I’ve touched my spinning wheel more than four or five times since I got it all set up.

I’m hoping to get better in the groove of time management, but it’s proving slightly more difficult than I thought it would be. I do know, however, that I need to get up early in the morning instead of this up super late at night thing we’ve had going on. I think this will be change number one. The next will be to start making daily lists. After those…we’ll see.

I took this photo of the kids a couple of days ago. Logan has been asking to carry Calliope around a lot more. I think he’s feeling more confident in his abilities. As a result, I got an awesome photo of the kids. And, um…don’t worry about Lilly’s face there…that was all pink marker. Heh.



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