Ten months and an update.


I come here pretty often, and it feels like lately, I just sit here and stare at the blinking cursor until I sigh and close the window. There’s been a lot going on. Sometimes, most of the time even, I would argue that its just simply been too much. I’m in school full time. Truman is trying to find contracting work. The kids are busy as always. And our littlest is growing up so, so fast.


She’s 10 months old today. She has 6 teeth. (Which came through in a span of about a week. Fun week, let me assure you.) She’s cruising. Crawling. Standing on her own. I think she’s probably on track to start walking at around the same time Lilly did, somewhere around 10.5-11 months old. I just watch her, and I see how badly she wants to Go-Go-Go and keep up with her brother and sister. She eats like its going out of style – the first of our babies to do so. The other two regularly gagged on food until they were closer to a year and a half old. And she is such a happy baby. Like, words just cannot describe how happy she is so much of the time.

(I feel that this photo just completely exemplifies Lilly as she is right now. Completely.)

Lilly is drawing all of the time anymore. Just tonight she drew me a photo of a whale, and a photo of a bowl, with another bowl, and then a whale inside of that bowl. She is very, very three. I try to resist the whole “terrible twos” and so forth, but sometimes..it is just so frustratingly accurate. She is asserting herself with her all, to find her own place, establish her own sense of self. It is at once beautiful, terrifying, and difficult as can be.

And Logan. Gosh, this older boy of mine. We have our fair share of troubles, but usually they’re when he’s either sleepy or hungry. (Or, I’ll be honest, when I’M sleepy or hungry – which lately, has been almost all the time due to school.) He is so vibrant. And loud. Definitely loud. I just introduced him to Castle Logix the other day, and he’s already run through the easy levels and is well into the intermediate puzzles. He is astounding in his capabilities. If I’m cooking, he wants to be right there and helping. I showed him how to properly hold a knife the other morning and let him chop veggies while I was preparing another portion of the meal. He was absolutely glowing with pride that he was able to be so helpful to me while we were cooking together. The child that he is changes each and every single day. And every single day he is taking more leaps and bounds to such an older child. (And yet he also clings to so many younger behaviors at the same time. Are five and a half year olds supposed to be such a dichotomy??)

In other areas of our lives, we’re slowly getting prepared to leave for Nova Scotia. I’ve been selling old, unused belongings of ours left and right, including a good portion of my midwifery and birthing books. The urge to pare down as much as we can is so very strong right now. I’m feeling more at peace with the idea of getting rid of things far more ruthlessly than ever before. I’m giving my old Mothering Magazines to the Holistic Moms Network that’s back in Knoxville. I’m selling my Midwifery Today magazines, birthy books, parenting books, to the HMN or ICAN there, as well. And I feel so good about it. I want those books to be read by women who need them more in their life than I do. I want those books to serve the purpose they were meant to serve: the giving of knowledge to those who want it and need it. At this point in our lives, I think I’ve been able to grow past them, grow past the “need” of them.

I’m keeping a small handful of parenting books, the ones that I’ve been either reading through currently, or I find myself referring to on a more regular basis. But otherwise – to new homes and minds they go!


I’ve been slowly working on building up a small stock of hand-dyed yarns. I’m also working on writing down all of the things I hope to make and accomplish in pursuit of contributing more to our (nearly insignificant) income. But for right now, I’m simply doing the researching and price checking on quite a few different things and trying to get it all worked out in terms of pricing, cost, and affordability. I’m considering opening my own Etsy or Hyena Cart stores and selling my own hand-dyed yarns, hand-spun and hand-dyed yarns, pre-dyed unprocessed wool (washed, but not combed or carded), herbal salves and sprays (nothing to be taken internally!), soaps, etc. I’m also planning on selling coordinated hand-dyed yarn kits, sold by yardage required for small, medium, or large longies or shorties.


I had hopes of opening this small shop earlier this month, however real life and a very chaotic school schedule set in, and I realized that it was entirely too impractical for me to tackle at that very moment. So for now, I’m in the building stages, and I hope to get it open in the very near future.

We have a lot of hopes and dreams for what we hope will be the not-too-distant future. I’m not quite ready to put it out there, because we haven’t been able to figure out one of the primary cornerstones of these hopes and dreams. But…we’re getting there.


2 thoughts on “Ten months and an update.

  1. What sweet photos of your little ones!! ~suzy

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