Weekend Adventures: Sope Creek

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On Saturday we went out for a hike in the morning. We had passed over Sope Creek a few times, noted where to park, and had made the statement to each other (every single time) that we needed to get there soon. Well, we finally did! Saturday morning turned out to be the perfect morning to get out there and enjoy it, as it was a “enjoy your local parks!” day, so parking was even free. (Normally its just $3, so its not even really that much in any case. But when you haven’t really got an income, $3 can be hard to come by sometimes.)

When you walk down into the park, you pass by a pond. And in this pond was this gigantic Koi fish. According to one person I talked with, he had been coming to this park for years and that fish has always been there – and always about the same size. Truman thinks it was around a foot, foot & a half long.


Next to the pond was a little hollow with wee little jumpy things in it. At first I thought they were just little grasshoppers or something. But on closer inspection we saw what they really were!

Baby frogs!

Continuing on the paths, we finally made it to where we wanted to go: Sope Creek itself. Truman and Logan had a lot of fun rock jumping. We saw snakes, salamanders, different kinds of mushrooms, and a whole bunch of fish. (I think they might have been some kind of trout, possibly a rainbow trout.)

Lilly sat on a rock, mostly, and just let the water rush over her feet and enjoyed digging her toes into the silty bottom.


One thought on “Weekend Adventures: Sope Creek

  1. Oh, those little frogs are so cute aren’t they? I remember once when I was probably 16 or something, I went for a hike with my brother up an old grown-over logging road, and it looked like the whole ground was moving! Thousands of them.I’ve never seen anything else like it, it was crazy!
    I love Koi, we used to have some up at my dad’s, got them (five, plus seven huge goldfish, not quite free, but just traded them some prawns) from a friend that breeds them. We had them for a few years, but unfortunately when our dogs were stolen and we had no more predator protection, the herons/raccoons got them. The biggest was bright orange, over a foot long, and so beautiful. I’d really like to get some more one day, when we’re more settled. I found it so calming, sitting on my dad’s covered bridge over the pond, watching them glide around.

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