A New Chapter

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We came back from Canada about a month ago, now. Things have been, as usual, chaotic and weird. But now, we’re starting a new chapter in our lives. On our way back from Canada we met a nice guy at a rest stop about 30 minutes to the north of NYC as we were passing through back to the south. The kids were running around, Calliope was toddling around as she’d just learned how to walk a week prior. Much laughing and playing was taking place. He was sitting at a table and laughing at their antics then he struck up a conversation with us, explaining that he was a truck driver and had six kids at home back in California. We wish we would have gotten his name (or at least, remembered it if it had been given) and exchanged information with him – he and his wife sounded like neat people, as they also cloth diapered, breastfed, and so on.

It was mentioned that Truman had lost his job in October, and that’s when some wheels got set into motion. He suggested truck driving, and proceeded to have a somewhat lengthy conversation with Truman about it all, what it entailed, and so on.

We talked about it all the way home. Once we reached Knoxville, where we stayed for a couple days with our friends there, he put in applications at different truck companies and got replies from most of them.

In the end, there was one specific company that won over all of the others with the best home time set up, pay, benefits, and so on. Not to mention that, out of everything I’d read about all of these companies on various forums, this one was the one that seemed to have the friendliest drivers, who frequently had no serious grumps with the company.

He heads off for driving school in a week. Things are going to be weird, and different around here. Blogging with take a front seat position again, since it’ll be a good way to keep him up with what we’ve been doing. I’m going to share some photos over the next week of our time in Canada. It was lovely, but unfortunately we were ousted by a few factors. In the end, it seems it was a provident thing as yesterday we ended up in the ER with our oldest and a dental abscess that needed antibiotics. (Happily, he’s already feeling better!)

Truman is excited to be back in the employment ring again, with a new potential career that he is finally excited by. We’re all excited to finally be able to get back into a position where we can provide for ourselves once again.



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