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It feels a little bit weird to be talking about July, considering its October 2nd. But once we got back from Canada its almost like everything sort of exploded all at once. Truman went to truck driving school, my laptop took a nose-drive in terms of working and spend most of that three weeks not working or in the shop, Truman got back from driving school and Lilly spent that entire week sick with what we know now was strep-throat. Now, I’m in a new laptop because Apple FINALLY! decided that enough was enough and replaced the previous hunk of junk that was my previous laptop. Thank the gods. Lilly is recovering from strep-throat. And Truman is out in a truck with a trainer for the next week or two. Its been crazy, lets just say that. So, here’s a pictoral view of July, while we were in Canada.

I do miss Canada, especially the small town we were staying in, immensely. We ended up leaving for a variety of reasons, not the least of which being monetary, but it turns out that its a good thing, considering the health issues the kids suddenly popped up with once we got back States-side.

The biggest things that I think of now, whenever I think of Nova Scotia are these: the greenness of it all, the water, the salty air, the wonderful friendliness of the people, how expensive food was but overall, just how wonderful it was. It was the perfect break we needed to reset and recalibrate our lives. The kids got to spend time with the set of grandparents that live up there, and it was just..good. Even if financially tight to bordering on feeling impossible at times!

(Downtown New Glasgow.)

We ended July, staying in Knoxville with some friends. Celebrating Calliope’s birthday on the 29th. Going to the farmer’s market.


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