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The opening of September meant that Truman was leaving us to go to driving school several states away from us. It is the first time he’s ever been away from any of us, much less for as long as he was (3 weeks). Of course, this is our new reality now! The kids struggled some with this. Mostly at night, around bedtime. His school time was to run straight through Logan’s birthday, but we ended up having a short video chat. The 14th was a pretty big day though, it meant Logan’s 6th birthday and Truman passed his testing to get his CDL. A good day, all around!

During the time that Truman was gone, my grandma came down to visit us as well. The kids LOVED having her here! Lilly still gets upset about how she left on an airplane and hasn’t come back yet. 😉

(Our paper chain to keep track of how many days until he got home.)
(While we were in Canada, Logan told us he wanted a bomb cake. So, a bomb cake he got!)
(Talking on the phone with Truman.)


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