My little garden gnome

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I sent this photo to Truman, and he replied with, “She looks just like you!”


We’ve been under siege by Lilly’s UTI for the last two weeks – its been stubborn and not going away. She was on a round of antibiotics beforehand, but her fever came roaring back to life the day after her medication was done. So she’s back onto another antibiotic. I think this one is doing the trick – she’s not as tired and back to dancing and terrorizing everyone within range.

Calliope has been working on about 8 teeth. All at once. Its been…exhausting, for the both of us. She’s currently sitting on the other end of the couch, sneakily grabbing handfuls of popcorn from out of Lilly’s bowl. Making popcorn has become a pretty much near-daily thing here, because all of the kids love it, and Lilly wanted to eat it, even when she felt like crap. (Pre-UTI diagnosis.)

There’s some changes afoot in the house, and we’re all getting prepared to move. We had intended on moving from where we are now, straight to the Michiana area. (The primary flatbed terminal is located about an hour way, just outside Chicago, so it makes sense to get close by in order to keep our options open with the company in terms of which fleet, hometime or national, he’s in.) But at this point in time, with Truman still being so fresh at truck driving and we don’t know what freight does during the winter for the flatbed division, we’re going to play it safe and move with my parents so we can save money and figure out just what we need to be prepared for in the slower months of the year. Which means we’re moving to Texas! Hm. No, I don’t particularly want to move to Texas. Not really. (There is a reason why I’m trying to escape the south, and jumped at Tennessee from Florida. I don’t deal with the heat very well.) But I figure, if nothing else, we’ll have a little more money in our pockets since Texas doesn’t have a state tax. Which is a good thing for savings! We’re planning on being up the Michiana way around April or May, at this point. Initially we were considering Wisconsin as well, but we just can’t seem to find anywhere that fits into our price range & is anywhere decently close to homeschooling groups and so on.

Things have been getting harder over this last week, with Truman gone. It seems like the third week of him being gone is just about the hardest thing to get through. He left on the 1st with his trainer, got his own truck around the 10th out in Phoenix, and has been working his way back toward us in Georgia since. He should reach Louisiana tonight. His new FM has been amazing so far, as the FM he was originally assigned to gave him what everyone agrees is NOT a load that should’ve gone to a guy on his first solo trip. She’s been nothing but encouraging and helpful to him, and I think that’s made just about all the difference in the world on how this trip has gone.


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