Did you really just try to eat a honey bee?

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{photo taken in 2011 of our first hive}

Earlier today we ventured outdoors: we’ve moved slightly further north from Texas, so warm days are days to be seized and taken advantage of! It was somewhere around 70 degrees today, in the tail end of January, which I remember being the coldest month in my childhood. But anyway. We were outside and playing in the backyard. Logan was digging in some sand, and I was helping Lilly get into a swing. Calliope was wandering around the yard, just playing with this and that, eyeballing other things with a bend toward either world dominance or destruction.

All of a sudden, Calliope started crying – at first it was kind of a stunned, “What happened here?” type of crying, but that quickly switched over to sounding more like she was hurt and in pain. As I went over to her, she was sort of holding her lower lip, with one hand clutched closed. When I got to her, I asked her what was wrong, and she slowly opened her hand and out tumbled this poor little honeybee that was obviously dying. I wasn’t entirely certain just where she’d gotten stung, so I took her inside as she kept pulling at her lip and crying.

Once we got inside, I was able to pull her lip down a little bit and saw that the little stinger was stuck there. I wasn’t able to get it out with my nails (I have a horrible nail-biting habit), so off we went to the bathroom to try and find some tweezers. Well, by the time I found the tweezers, her little lip had swollen up just enough that I think it pushed the barb out on its own. And happily, the little sac of venom wasn’t stuck to the barb when I initially saw it – I believe it detached with the bee.

Thankfully, we’ve really been able to learn that Calliope got her non-reaction to bee stings from her daddy, rather than taking after me. Thank goodness. Had it been me, we would’ve been off to the emergency room for an epi-pen of some sort. (Which reminds me: I need to get some of those to keep around, just in case. I don’t know that I am that allergic to bees, but I do have a pretty serious reaction to them. Summer of 2011 I got stung on my big toe, it swelled up, and I had a bruise there that lasted something like a month.)

Why on earth she put a bee in her mouth, well, I’ll never know. But I suppose she firmly knows now that bees might be cute, and her daddy might be the bee whisperer, but trying to eat them is firmly outside of the range of Good Ideas.


{Calliope a week or so ago.}


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