Completed Projects: January

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I set out this year to actually Get Things Done. And by “things” I mean “crafts” because, lets face it: not a whole lot of crafting has been going on in my world in the last year! And I have this horrible, horrible tendency to start a project and then it just..stops. (/looks guiltily at a halfway finished tunic dress for Calliope, begun and nearly finished the month we were in Nova Scotia) You know, life has a funny way of getting in the way of stuff.

This year, though, specifically, in the beginning of January, I told Truman that I wanted to accomplish something, anything this year. And lo, an idea board over on Pinterest was born: 12 in 2013. Once again, I’ve somewhat complicated my life because some of those “12” projects are actually more like “make x amount of these in x month” or “hey, lets do this garland in x month!” Not terribly logical. But hey! I’m off to a good start already!

This is what I’ve completed this month. Mind you: we moved halfway through January. Kids were sick for a week. And nearly all of my yarn, needles, and so forth, are all still packed away. But I managed to finish two projects, however small they may technically be, by god: I FINISHED THEM!


{regular guy beanie by Chuck Wright}


{earflap hat by Jane Richmond::Petite Purls, Back to Basics}

I’m not happy with the shaping I got on the Regular Guy Beanie. I’m not sure HOW it turned out so conical, when, against all odds, it was specifically written to not turn out that way. I don’t even know. I’m going to have another round with it though, because Logan wants one in green, and I need to make another larger one for the husband’s large head. For now, this hat is sort of just floating between all of the kids – it won’t fit over my head because my hair is frequently up in a bun.

The earflap hat was difficult to get started: 8 stitches on 4 DPNs. But once I got it started, it was easy as pie to keep it going. I eventually switched it over to a circular needle…though I think the next time I make this (which will also be soon: Lilly wants one) I’ll just keep it on the DPNs.

The ties and top poof are made from yarn I dyed myself. Otherwise, the purple and browns were Malabrigo worsted.

These hats are showing me that, well, I probably really should be doing swatches for gauge. But I have so little time to knit, that I just want to get on with it already, so I skip that part and just pray for the best. Luckily for me, I have enough varying sizes in heads around me that if it doesn’t fit one person, it invariably fits another! But I do think that if I take on any larger projects (which are planned), I will be swatching. No sense in doing tons of work only to not have a vest, tunic dress, or other such thing fit that child. Especially when I’m dyeing most of my own yarn for specific projects.


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