Field Trip

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Last Thursday we took a trip to the Flint Hills Discovery Center. After all of the snow, we needed to get out and about the next day. My aunt had invited us to go with her when she took my cousin’s two boys as their Thursday outing. It was a very fun trip! I’m looking forward to taking the kids there more, as there was a wealth of information there that we just simply didn’t get to. They had displays of tools used by Native Americans, they talked about the intentional fires that were set in order to better manage the prairie grasses and to help attract Bison to the area.

They show a movie there of the plains, voiced over by people talking about the beauty and splendor of the tall grass prairies, and to be honest..I got a little home sick. Where we’re living right now is where I grew up, and where the Konza Prairie is. I will admit that this movie tugged at the heart strings some. Enough to make me wonder and consider…maybe we should find some land here, maybe we should stay…here. Unfortunately, I don’t think that will happen – land here is simply too locked up. Its been in families for generations in many cases. Or, if it is for sale, it is unfortunately significantly outside of our budget.

In any case, the kids had a ton of fun there, not just from the company, but the whole environment was fantastic.

(I really want to DIY something like this for here at home!)

Flint Hills collage

Along the top of the entrance area they created this beautiful range of natural flowers from the prairies. I would love to eventually use something like this as inspiration for a mural on a playroom wall. I did my best to kind of cobble it together into this panoramic type photo, I think it came together fairly well!


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