Natural Dyes

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I’ve been wanting to try my hand at natural dyes for awhile now – virtually since I started working with wool: whether it be pre-spun or my own raw fleeces to work with. I saw this kit on Pinterest, and then sat on it for around six weeks before taking the plunge and ordering it. In addition to the jars of dye, the folded up piece of paper inside of the box is a poster of all of the dyes included, and the hues you get from them. Here is where I ordered it from: Maiwa Supply: Natural Dye Extract Kit

I’m hoping that by starting out with something a little more structured like a kit, that I will be able to build a base of knowledge of mordants, and how it all interacts. Then I plan on starting to branch out to testing other local flora and maybe even planting a dyers garden. (I might just do that last thing no matter what!)

But how beautiful do those colors look?? I can’t wait to see how they work out! I think I’m going to start with little two ounce balls of cleaned, but unworked, sheep’s wool.


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