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Lilly turned four this past Friday. Happily for her, daddy was able to be home for it – and on Saturday we had local family members come over to help us celebrate!



I sat up until almost 2:30am one night to make this simple little birthday crown for Lilly. Its something I say I’ll do, every single year, but then something happens, and I run out of time and it simply doesn’t get done. This year, I got it done! I’m planning out one for both Calliope and Logan now.




A simple gluten-free yellow cake with raspberries mixed in, buttercream frosting, sprinkles, and yummy smelling beeswax candles.



She is in a seriously goofy age. I love it.



She was a very, very lucky little girl to be celebrating her birthday with all of us: her immediate family, her great grandma, and two sets of great aunts and uncles! She got spoiled – a whole ballet set complete down to tights, a bunch of beaded jewelry, and more.


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