An outing to the yarn store

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Last week Lilly and I had a little bit of an outing just for ourselves. Truman took the other two to a different store so that Lilly and I could get some time together without any distractions of a baby sister or an older brother. Earlier in Truman’s time home, she had requested for us to go to a yarn store, just by ourselves, so that she can look at yarn with me.

Once we got to the store, something very unexpected, and very adorable, happened. We stepped in through the front door, and she immediately let go of my hand and went running toward the backroom of the store, yelling for Grandma Kate. Now – mind you, the last time we were in a yarn store together was when we were in Nova Scotia. My mother-in-law opened up a lovely little store right in downtown Dartmouth on Queen St, Dartmouth Yarns. I think that for Lilly, yarn stores equal Grandma Kate being there.

When I finally caught up with her, she was standing in the back looking up at the woman who was minding the shop and saying, “You’re not my grandma.” I got to explain to a very confused woman just why my daughter was standing in the back room and accusing her of not being her grandma.

Once she got over the fact that her Grandma Kate wasn’t there, we got down to the business of choosing some yarn out. At the top of the request pile: socks. I’ve never made socks before, but I’ll be giving them a go tomorrow.

(What was chosen for the socks.) (Because its sparkly. Obviously.)

And then I looked around a little bit and spied three perfect skeins to be turned into a cardigan for this girl of mine.



I picked up these three skeins, in particular, because they were almost perfectly in sync with each other going from lightest to darkest in the exact same color way. (The yarn is Manos del Uruguay: Maxima, in the meltaway mint colorway.) She ooh’ed and ahh’ed over this wool in the car, asking me repeatedly what I was making with it. She asked me to make her something with it, but all I told her was that I was going to make a giant knitted rock for her. Hilariously, she’s actually excited by the idea of a knitted rock. So I will probably wet felt some of this over a pretty stone for her to go with her pretty new cardigan.



So I cast on for a tiny tea leaves cardi in size 6. And it was going along fantastically, until my size 6 needle that had previously gotten broken and glued back together…re-broke. And this time, it refused to be reset with super glue. (Darn it!) So I’ve ordered a new set of size 6 from Knitpicks. I got metal, this time, because it turns out that I vastly prefer knitting with metal anymore – not to mention its slightly more durable than wood. I love the beauty of the wood, and I’d love a set of their pale natural colored interchangeable needles, but I think that if I buy another full set anytime’ll be the nickel plated. Once I get my new needles in the mail, we’ll be off again!


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