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On Monday I turned 28. No real sense of fanfare coming from me – lately I think I’ve just been too tired and too busy to feel any sense of “woo! 28!” Plus, well, adult birthdays are never quite so fun as a little child’s birthday. But, having a birthday is always a great time to get together with extended family. My grandmother and I have a day between our birthday’s – she’d kill me if I told y’all how old she was turning. She used to like to say that she was 29 – until my oldest cousin DJ turned 29. And then she deemed it a little weird to be the same age as her grandchild. đŸ˜‰

Monday evening we had a little cake and ice cream for my birthday.

(Mind you – Calliope is sitting in the same high chair I used as a baby.)

(That dish behind Logan? That came from Long Way on a Little by Shannon Hayes. So. Stinking. Good.)

My ham. Well, when he wants to be. This was a rare photo of him – he’s been getting camera shy. I try to respect that, to a certain extent, because I remember that stage. And I remember how distressing it was when someone took a photo of me anyway.



And then, since my grandma’s birthday is tomorrow, we went over to my aunt and uncle’s house for a joint birthday thing this evening.



The table is just the quintessential photo of my aunt. She is forever feeding people, kindly, and without reservation. If ever there was a saint – she ought to be among them. Their house is beautiful – well lit with light from huge windows, the woodwork was all done by my uncle Dan (who is in the last photo) who has an immense amount of talent. Sun catchers made out of agate disks. And after supper and cake, a rousing board game. My aunt is famous in our family for being a board game addict, and I don’t think there are too many games she hasn’t played before! (Though I’m hoping to introduce her to a few of my own once I get them here!)

Tomorrow I make an upside-down pineapple cake for my grandma. Bringing the three-day cake extravaganza to a close!


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