New dyes: Cannon Beach

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A good friend of mine that I met while we lived in Knoxville recently moved all the way out to Washington state a couple months ago. On their trip out, they discovered they were expecting baby #4! So as a new baby present to her, I’m hand-dying and making some longies for the new little one. She requested a gender neutral colorway…and I think I’ve done a pretty darn good job of it. And for bonus points, I matched her favorite Girasol wrap, “Night Rainbow”. Unintentional, but awesome in any case!

I’m calling it Cannon Beach, because her family took a trip out there shortly after they got up there, and I looked it up on Google Maps, and saw this one particular picture of Haystack Rock at sunset, and its what I was thinking of when I made this skein. Probably more greens in it than are actually at the beach, but I can’t help but associate the entire area with forests: sea kelp and land. I took a vacation out there one year with my mother and a family friend (way back in 1997), and that was the biggest impression it had on me: the ocean, the forests, and all points in between.

Tomorrow I’m doing to measure out enough for a solid trim in a jewel tone jade green color. And hopefully the day or two after that – get started on them! I think I’m going to go with the Sheepy Pants pattern. I’ve had several different types of woolies for my own babies, and so far that pattern has been at the top of my favorites list for fit.


One thought on “New dyes: Cannon Beach

  1. That’s lovely! I haven’t ever dyed wool, and it’s been probably 17 years since I last played with dyes at all, but that is inspiring!

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