Pilsbury Crossing

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The last time Truman was home, we went exploring a little bit around the local area. A place that I used to go to a lot during the summer as a child was Pilsbury Crossing, just outside of town. We were finally able to take the kids out there and let them explore some. It was a lot of fun, being able to tell Logan about how we used to swim down between the rocks, and how, if you weren’t careful, your slip-on shoes would go right over the waterfalls and you most likely wouldn’t be able to find them ever again. I’m convinced that somewhere in the rocks there is a large shoe graveyard.

While we were out there, we saw lots of tadpoles in various stages of development.

The kids waded through the water, observing and exploring.

Even Calliope got in on the water fun – She Who Shuns The Bathtub.

A view of the waterfalls. They aren’t very big, but they do have quite a current going toward them. Down below is emptied out and, while I don’t recall playing under there very much, I know I remember seeing a LOT of other kids doing it. (My older cousins included!)

Down the stream a little.

We would swim around those rocks, and then walk down the creek a bit. It widens in parts, gets somewhat deeper in others, and in other parts got much narrower and shallower. There are, or were, quite a lot of snakes in this area especially before a lot of people start coming more regularly during the summer. Mostly once the weather is nicer college students flock to this area, which means a lot of noise and traffic.


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