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Thunderstorms to Winter storms




Somehow we went from a day that was pushing the upper-70’s the day before, to a day that was in the sixties and stormy. And from the thunderstorms, we went right into freezing rain and temperatures below freezing. Which is translating to more time inside again, lounging on an ottoman that has been laid on by virtually every grandchild and great grandchild in the family, creating crazy things with duct tape and cardboard, drawing, and baking. Some nice laid back days!

Tonight, we get to go pick up Truman for 4 days at home, and then later this weekend Grandma and Grandpa are driving up from Texas to see us all!


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I kept thinking about doing the one portrait a week of each child project. And I kept putting it off because “eh! its not the first of the year!”. And then I realized just how silly that sounded. So I’m going to start this week!





Youngest to oldest. I am going to miss these crazy little faces that Calliope makes at me while she yells at me. I think here she was saying “mama!” repeatedly. My beautiful middle child – she is ever the epitome of a pisces. And Logan, always making or doing something. (He made a dump truck in the above photo.) He’s told me, repeatedly now, that just about all he wants for his 7th birthday is a huge pile of duct tape. He might just get it, too.

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New dyes: Cannon Beach





A good friend of mine that I met while we lived in Knoxville recently moved all the way out to Washington state a couple months ago. On their trip out, they discovered they were expecting baby #4! So as a new baby present to her, I’m hand-dying and making some longies for the new little one. She requested a gender neutral colorway…and I think I’ve done a pretty darn good job of it. And for bonus points, I matched her favorite Girasol wrap, “Night Rainbow”. Unintentional, but awesome in any case!

I’m calling it Cannon Beach, because her family took a trip out there shortly after they got up there, and I looked it up on Google Maps, and saw this one particular picture of Haystack Rock at sunset, and its what I was thinking of when I made this skein. Probably more greens in it than are actually at the beach, but I can’t help but associate the entire area with forests: sea kelp and land. I took a vacation out there one year with my mother and a family friend (way back in 1997), and that was the biggest impression it had on me: the ocean, the forests, and all points in between.

Tomorrow I’m doing to measure out enough for a solid trim in a jewel tone jade green color. And hopefully the day or two after that – get started on them! I think I’m going to go with the Sheepy Pants pattern. I’ve had several different types of woolies for my own babies, and so far that pattern has been at the top of my favorites list for fit.

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On Monday I turned 28. No real sense of fanfare coming from me – lately I think I’ve just been too tired and too busy to feel any sense of “woo! 28!” Plus, well, adult birthdays are never quite so fun as a little child’s birthday. But, having a birthday is always a great time to get together with extended family. My grandmother and I have a day between our birthday’s – she’d kill me if I told y’all how old she was turning. She used to like to say that she was 29 – until my oldest cousin DJ turned 29. And then she deemed it a little weird to be the same age as her grandchild. 😉

Monday evening we had a little cake and ice cream for my birthday.

(Mind you – Calliope is sitting in the same high chair I used as a baby.)

(That dish behind Logan? That came from Long Way on a Little by Shannon Hayes. So. Stinking. Good.)

My ham. Well, when he wants to be. This was a rare photo of him – he’s been getting camera shy. I try to respect that, to a certain extent, because I remember that stage. And I remember how distressing it was when someone took a photo of me anyway.



And then, since my grandma’s birthday is tomorrow, we went over to my aunt and uncle’s house for a joint birthday thing this evening.



The table is just the quintessential photo of my aunt. She is forever feeding people, kindly, and without reservation. If ever there was a saint – she ought to be among them. Their house is beautiful – well lit with light from huge windows, the woodwork was all done by my uncle Dan (who is in the last photo) who has an immense amount of talent. Sun catchers made out of agate disks. And after supper and cake, a rousing board game. My aunt is famous in our family for being a board game addict, and I don’t think there are too many games she hasn’t played before! (Though I’m hoping to introduce her to a few of my own once I get them here!)

Tomorrow I make an upside-down pineapple cake for my grandma. Bringing the three-day cake extravaganza to a close!

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An outing to the yarn store

Last week Lilly and I had a little bit of an outing just for ourselves. Truman took the other two to a different store so that Lilly and I could get some time together without any distractions of a baby sister or an older brother. Earlier in Truman’s time home, she had requested for us to go to a yarn store, just by ourselves, so that she can look at yarn with me.

Once we got to the store, something very unexpected, and very adorable, happened. We stepped in through the front door, and she immediately let go of my hand and went running toward the backroom of the store, yelling for Grandma Kate. Now – mind you, the last time we were in a yarn store together was when we were in Nova Scotia. My mother-in-law opened up a lovely little store right in downtown Dartmouth on Queen St, Dartmouth Yarns. I think that for Lilly, yarn stores equal Grandma Kate being there.

When I finally caught up with her, she was standing in the back looking up at the woman who was minding the shop and saying, “You’re not my grandma.” I got to explain to a very confused woman just why my daughter was standing in the back room and accusing her of not being her grandma.

Once she got over the fact that her Grandma Kate wasn’t there, we got down to the business of choosing some yarn out. At the top of the request pile: socks. I’ve never made socks before, but I’ll be giving them a go tomorrow.

(What was chosen for the socks.) (Because its sparkly. Obviously.)

And then I looked around a little bit and spied three perfect skeins to be turned into a cardigan for this girl of mine.



I picked up these three skeins, in particular, because they were almost perfectly in sync with each other going from lightest to darkest in the exact same color way. (The yarn is Manos del Uruguay: Maxima, in the meltaway mint colorway.) She ooh’ed and ahh’ed over this wool in the car, asking me repeatedly what I was making with it. She asked me to make her something with it, but all I told her was that I was going to make a giant knitted rock for her. Hilariously, she’s actually excited by the idea of a knitted rock. So I will probably wet felt some of this over a pretty stone for her to go with her pretty new cardigan.



So I cast on for a tiny tea leaves cardi in size 6. And it was going along fantastically, until my size 6 needle that had previously gotten broken and glued back together…re-broke. And this time, it refused to be reset with super glue. (Darn it!) So I’ve ordered a new set of size 6 from Knitpicks. I got metal, this time, because it turns out that I vastly prefer knitting with metal anymore – not to mention its slightly more durable than wood. I love the beauty of the wood, and I’d love a set of their pale natural colored interchangeable needles, but I think that if I buy another full set anytime soon..it’ll be the nickel plated. Once I get my new needles in the mail, we’ll be off again!

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On the reading list

I’ve read Radical Homemakers before, on the kindle. It must have been a couple of years ago now, really. But I wanted to reread through it, and just couldn’t get back into it on an electronic base. So I went onto amazon and found a used copy for a few pennies and made her mine. Now I just need to find a highlighter, because the urge to highlight is still incredibly strong.

Nourishing Traditions is another book I’ve had on my kindle for a long time, but just couldn’t get through. It turns out that I can read fiction books just fine on a kindle. But put a non-fiction book in front of me that I want to read for substance and memory…I just can’t do it. (Which means I’ll eventually probably order Masanobu Fukuoka’s book One Straw Revolution sometime in order to be able to really read it.) And honestly..well, again, with the highlighter.

Long Way On A Little. I’ve had my eye on this cookbook since it came out. I finally ordered it when I kept reading positive things about it. I’m glad I did, because a lot of the recipes sound extremely tasty!

Whole Larder Love. Oh, man. I love Rohan’s blog (of the same name), the things he talks about, the recipes he gives, you name it. So I’ve been biding my time until we finally had a little bit of extra money in order to get his book. And it is definitely not disappointing! Truman looked through it while he was home, and had a little bit of extra inspiration in getting his first firearm saved up for. (He wants a basic .22 rifle for hunting small game. Though first is going to be a lot of killing targets!)

I got my issue of Taproot this afternoon. I’ve flicked through it once already, and I’m anticipating being able to go a little more slowly through it over the next few days or even weeks.

And a little bit of homework for myself. I signed up last week for the Waldorf Homeschool-U course given by Donna at The Waldorf Connection. I’ve just finished going through week 1 items, and tomorrow I’m going to start on week 2. I have high hopes that this, in conjunction with the information I’ve gotten from the Christopherus curriculum, I’ll be able to put together our plans for grade 1 with relative ease!